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Avoid costly mistakes in choosing an insurance plan, getting it approved, and getting claims paid. Let us be your agent to assist you. We don't charge a fee and the premiums are exactly the same as if you went directly to the insurance carrier or the government's unlicensed navigators. Email us or call us at 864-987-9996 or 864-585-2632 TODAY!

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New 2015 Health Plan Reminders

** We are experiencing a high call and appointment volume. Please be patient as we work hard to help you!!

Special Enrollment Period:  Anytime during the year when there is a qualifying event such as relocation, marriage, divorce, losing other coverage.  60 day period from date of event to enroll

How to Get the Lowest Premium: If household size (number of people on your tax return) and total household Modified Adjusted Gross Income(MAGI = AGI on your IRS form 1040 line 37 + non-taxed amounts such as social security, alimony, tax exempt interest) is between 100% and 400% of the 2014 Federal Poverty Level AND you nor your spouse has available "minimum essential" Employer Group Coverage then you can get financial assistance to pay the health insurance premium. This aid is called a subsidy or Advance Premium Tax Credit(APTC). The subsidy is paid directly to the insurance carrier by the government. We can work with you to create your account and complete the data input so that you get the subsidy applied to the premium options. We don't charge you for this service.

How to Update or Make Changes to Your Marketplace account:
(income changes, household size changes) Call 1-800-318-2596

Payment/Billing: The initial premium for your policy must be made by the 1st day effective date of the first month. You can make that first payment and set up ongoing payments in several ways. You can call the carrier directly to set up your premium payment for bank draft.
BlueCross - 855-404-6752, BlueChoice - 866-569-5933, Consumers Choice - 527-5904, Coventry - 877-477-4103.

Do You Need to Do Anything: If you have received notice that your plan is terminating then you need to pick a new plan. Call for an appointment. If your plan is not terminating and you are happy with your current plan, the you don't need to do anything.

Scheduling An Appointment: Email me at or call the office at 864-987-9996. Flexible day and evening times by GoToMeeting, FaceToFace, or just by phone. Generally, 9 AM - 10 PM and some Saturdays.

Benefits: Call Ben to review coverage and discuss networks.

2014 Tax Return:(If getting a subsidy) Remember that the IRS will compare your actual MAGI with your estimated and will make an adjustment to your subsidy, benefits etc. You will need a 1095 A form that the Marketplace sends out.  We can sometimes retrieve this but we are not sent a copy of it and don't have it on file.

Other Plan Information: Regarding network providers, formulary for Rx, and other resources can be found at:

Click here for 2015 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines information

About the New Health Care Reform Law

South Carolina Insurance Agency

Part of having insurance is peace of mind, so I would like to assure you of a few things about your current and future health insurance:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it private health insurance? Yes
  • Is it Obamacare? The ACA (Affordable Care Act) affects the entire healthcare system including group and individual policies.
  • Will I lose my doctor(s)? Most likely not. The new plans have contracted with most of the local hospitals and doctors. However, out of the network area coverage will be different.
  • Will my premium go up? If you make over 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL-see below) then your premium will go up by at least the end of next year. Over 60% of those in SC will have lower premiums.
  • What is coverage like on the new plans? Similar to what you have now. Comprehensive major medical, pharmacy, physicians, inpatient and outpatient, ER, rehab, preventative care, x-ray, lab, diagnostic testing, etc. Included will also be maternity, pediatric and dental/vision.
  • How soon can I enroll? If you don't qualify for subsidy you can enroll now by calling me or meeting with me. If you qualify for subsidy then you can enroll once your subsidy application is approved. Call Libby at 987-9996 to complete your subsidy application. When the government site and promos say you can "apply now" this subsidy application is what they are speaking of. If you apply directly through the government 800 number then you may not be able to have an agent when you go to actually enroll in a plan.

Terms to Know

Navigators: These are unlicensed people who have not had background checks that the government is advising people to use for enrolling into a new health insurance plan.

Agent/Broker: These are people that are licensed, experienced and have had background checks who can actually assist with a review of different plans, apply for subsidy and service your policy at no additional cost to you.

Marketplace Toll Free Number: Government employees who can take a subsidy application but cannot enroll you into a plan nor offer advice on the different plans

Marketplace Website ( Only necessary to use if household size and income qualify you for a subsidy. Where it asks "Are you receiving help?" please include Broker name of Ben Howell and FFM user ID of Howell2 and NPN of 133476.

Choosing a plan: There are 4 private insurance companies and each has a unique make up of plans that fall under names of Gold, Silver and Bronze. The makeup of these plans vary from one carrier to the next. Deductibles, coinsurance, networks and premiums vary. If household income is below 250% of the FPL then your out of pocket cost is less. If FPL is between 100% - 400% of the FPL then your premium may be less.

2015 Plan Brochures

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Option Plan Brochure

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US Preventative Services Task Force Recommendations
health insurance If your policy was purchased after March 2010, you should refer to the USPSTF recommendations for covered preventative care services. Some changes made to policies effective prior to that date also now use the USPSTF guidelines. Older policies that previously had preventative care included would still include lab work as a preventative service up to the $300 limit. The newer guidelines don't cover much lab work as part of a routine check up.

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The recommended ELP called me back the following day after I filled out the form online for info. Ben spent 30 minutes answering some of my questions over the phone and then he met with me within 24 hours at his office and spent another 2.5 hours explaining our options for health insurance based on our current circumstances. Within 10 days we had a policy in hand that meets our needs. I would definitely recommend him to friends!


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